Thursday, 22 January 2009

Unbelievable Blonde Bubblebutt

This is another of one of my misfortunes, its only a short clip but you still get a glimpse at
this pert bubblebutt blonde.


  1. nice work and worth it!

    did you just pop in the doorway and then walk away again?

  2. I can't remember what happened that day.
    One thing I did know is that I did'nt have a bean on I was stood next in que without a dime..My novice days..Its just one of many clips I have where I've had to bail out coz someone's twigged my work...I need more help on consealing my cameras..etc
    Thanks for reply..hope to post some longer material and of better quality..cheers!

  3. I'm the same with concealing camera's. I have a tiny one about the size of a packet of gum but the quality isnt that good - the good thing about it is that it can record for over an hour constantly when on full battery, so no need to fumble around turning on/off when you spot something good; drawing attention to yourself. I hide my HD in a bag. I'm actually about to go out and do some filming in half an hour for a test run (first time i will have used it). I will probably have a post up by tonight.

  4. Her ass from the side is miraculous. An excellent video - thanks!