Friday, 2 January 2009

Monster of All Butts 2007

DANGER!!!!! Sorry folks but this clip has her 2 children
in background but only interested in this HUGE ASS!
Same again with my 1st Digicam.
1st Part>>>
2nd Part>>


  1. Damn...that ass looks good!!!...great shot man!

  2. Nice BIG ass!!!!! I love it!!!

  3. That is a really big ass (and the thighs are REAL nice and full and nice at the top), but even though it'll mean I'm bragging about my accomplishments on somebody else's blog, as far as the-bigger-the-better-I-don't-care-about-nice-shape goes, I did way bigger in '07 and '08 at my site. (Click my name!)

  4. Wow! .. That is an astonishing giant rump. Just sooo immense - and the sort of thing I'd never forget. Thanks for sharing her.