Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy New Year Folks !!!!
Sorry not been posting for a while.
Im still chasing a new cam..hopefully something bigger but less discreet.
I have some old files which im in process of uploading but taking time up.
So I will see you all very soon.


  1. Happy new year mate.

    I have the Drift 170HD cam which I'm using now:

    Can be controlled via a remote, worth a look.

  2. Wow just seen reviews and demos..looks good..
    Just need to find right price now...cheers Astro

  3. I look forward to seeing your new uploads. Good luck with getting a new cam. Your stuff is always excellent.

  4. Nice to see you are still about, look forward to anything new you post for this fresh new year.

    All the best!! :)

  5. I also have the Drift 170HD cam. The shape and size is ideal for the street voyeur. I bought the latest Stealth model which records 60FPS at 720P resolution. It is easy to carry in your hand, the LCD and beeps can be turned off so no one can tell if it is on (if the status LED is covered). It can be used in wet weather without ill effects and the video quality is awesome. The only downside is the price but you do get a lot for the money.

    I bought mine with the optional 4-5 hour battery and 32GB high speed SD memory card. 720 video recording is up to 9 hours with this sized memory card.

    The shape and size is exactly what I have been looking for a number of years to shoot candids. Still images can be taken up to 5MP.

  6. Yep Ive got Drift170HD...its awesome...
    Listen to this i had a brainstrom..i have a laptop satchel and laid the Drift flat inside turn the cam so it records upright etc..then to keep it still inside there a screw hole under Drift were you can put a plastic square (to act as a washer)so that the screw you put in doesnt go thru satchel..if u get what i mean...
    Anyway ive tried it an with my remote can switch on n off very easy...
    Tips i have for Drift HD
    1)Have a powerful PC n uptodate apple software to benifit with HD n clipsize.
    2)When target areas are quite press n hold to switch off (Save power).
    3)Aim towards targets hamstrings (1080 still can miss at close range.
    4)Make sure the SUN is behind you (gleaming onto your target).
    Ok folks will try upload when i get sunshine in

  7. Me, you and Floydy could triangulate to produce the best candids the UK has ever seen!!! hahaha

  8. Wow great but's you have shared. thank you for it.