Thursday, 14 October 2010

Big Gran In Jeans

Mouthwatering Gran in her jeans.....
Vid Link Here:


  1. you should post your vids on youtube they would love them.

  2. nice one! im a younger man who loves to
    pound granny pussy and arse just like this one, her arse is nice and huge too just how I like em

  3. hopefully you will catch more of the older women, that jogger from way back had an amazing Jelly arse and chunky butt mom was

  4. Hey man, good to see your back posting again.
    What a return post!!! Wow, this gran has a big un'.
    Sorry to hear about your cam problems - I have just ordered a new cam to try out for better camouflage/convenience.

    I have my own hosted site now:
    Also British asses!

  5. This clip is up there with your 'MY BEST BIGGEST LYCRA SKIRT 08' clip.

    I like extra big/huge butts, and this mature woman has a dream butt that blows my mind.

    I'm glad you're back posting. Cheers!

  6. It was possibly the funniest event leading up to the entirely too I'm glad to visit your post..
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