Friday, 19 December 2008

Office Blk Pants Buns 2007

This was a tightly wrapped up butt!!!
Clip to follow...


  1. Hey there,

    Found your site via wasn't aware there were any UK candid videographers! (was spaceboy UK?) I have just started a blog too, i'm based in Lancs. Havent really perfected the technique and havent managed to conceal a HD cam yet so posting with low quality images of a 'spycam'. Check out my blog, perhaps you could give me some advise so i can become more productive.

  2. yeh keep going..Im not 100% yet.
    1st Ive bought sony cybershot w170 HD
    result= good quality pic when ur still and vid rec not as shaky as over digicams. Good for close targets.
    2nd I have a panasonic camcorder built in hard drive.
    result=good to park up or stay away in distance and zoom in vid recordin only pics are crap!!
    Tip: Ive found that if your in Towns etc people get suspish. But at events etc I dont hide my cams I pretend Im filming or shooting a freind or object comebacks..yet!!
    But its an ongoin project I will master digicams..cheers for the comment..not enough goes on these blogs..Im checking your blog ok.

  3. Beaautiful!!!!

    Sorry I'm prety drunk.

  4. I would love to run an office with several well-reared UK ladies in tight skirts like that at my beck and call! i would insure that there would be a lot of work involving using step ladders to reach things on high shelves and plenty of things on the lower shelves to keep my women bending over and squatting all day lone.

  5. Hahaha I thought that...I worked in a hotel where the waitresses use to wear them short black lycra skirts (and they were short n tite!)
    If only I was candid then..